Saturday, 19 July 2008

Antiques Steps..... by request

Quite a few people have enjoyed looking at my cushions from the last post. Isn't it funny when we are looking around all the wonderful blogs there are and we are also looking way into the background of the lovely photos and enjoying the "rest" of the picture too! I know I do! (Or is that just being a sticky beak?!!!)

Well, at least two people were enjoying the background of my cushion photos and were asking about the quilt. Thank you for asking Anne and Ineke.

I made this quilt a few years ago now and it is the largest one todate. I bought it as a kit at a craft show in Brisbane. It is called Antique Steps and is from The Old German Quilthouse in Geelong, Victoria. I couldn't find them on the web, so not sure if they have a web site or not.

It measures 76 x 100 inches. The fabrics are the Antique Flowers range from Lecien. It has 35 different fabrics in it. You only require 15cm of each fabric. I had it machine quilted - I don't hand quilt at all. Too much to do! I would just prefer to get on with the next project. I rarely have more than one thing on the go at one time. Especially quilts! I do however have more than one project in my cupboard - ready to go!

My favourite part was the scalloped border. I just love borders done like that. The worst part of that though is having to make bias to bind the edge. There was quite a nifty instruction in the pattern and was easy enough to do.

It is an absolutely perfect winters day here today. Beautiful outside in the garden. We have just finished to all the little plants with liquid fertiliser. The cold weather has slowed everything down quite a bit, so the warmer weather will be lovely for the garden. I am still deciding wether to prune the roses this weekend or next. The new roses are doing beautifully - lots of new growth already. There is rain forecast for early next week, so I hope they are right with that.

I hope to get a little more stitching done this weekend. It's been enjoyable in the garden so far!


nicolette said...

Such a wonderful and sweet quilt!

Lorraine said...

definately not being a sticky beak looking in the background of is times like that you see things like your beautiful quilt...I took some pics of my pinchusion when it arrived and someone commented on the table runner it was that quilt and the fabrics are delicious...

Sal said...

It is gorgeous..I could never make anything like that!!;-)

Bobbie Lynn said...

You did a beautiful job on your quilt and a scalloped boarder, wow! I have not had the courage to do a scalloped boarder, but it really makes a nice touch to a quilt. The fabric you selected are beautiful, roses. You can never have enough roses around the home. I need to do some catch up on you blog. I see more pretties that you have posted. Have a good day!

Leanne said...

I have just made a quilt top out of Lecien fabrics I hope it turns out as lovely as yours.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Leisa!

Popping in to say hello to my English friend! Looks like all is well! I love all your beautiful handiwork on your pillows!!! I also noticed in May your son did his first solo!!!! Congrates to him! My son is now a commerical pilot and started off just like your son. I remember his first solo as a teenager watching him soar into the sky! We video taped proud you must be!


Angela Louise said...

Hi's always nice to hear from you. John and I managed to get to a lot of "jobs" while he was off work but not the pizza oven. Would you believe what he did though? He made a canoe!!!! We took it for a spin one lovely winters day ( I think it was the Sunday before he went back to work) and it went just beautifully. I will post about it soon.
I have been enjoying all the things you have been up to on your blog.You amaze me with all the quilts you have made and they are all so beautiful. I particularly liked seeing how cute your outdoor area is looking with all your lovely things.
Have fun with all your birthday goings-on. I'm off to make Isaac's mudcake.
Oh, the little plant in the tub is a Pratia. It needs to be kept wet so I have it fairly close to the tank water hand pump to remind me. It seems to be thriving.
A very happy day to you Leisa, Angela.

a home far away said...

The quilt is amazing, and what an art it is!
I just bought mine...but it looks nice to:-)

I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, where I try to build up a new home for me and my family, feel free to visit:-)


Mia said...

Oh, what an absolutely gorgeous quilt! I love the colours and the pretty patterned fabrics. I too had noticed the quilt in your previous posting, and I am so glad you decided to show the whole beautiful quilt to us.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Leisa

Thanks for your lovely comment. What a fabulous quilt - I wish I had the patience to make one, but I know I haven't! Your cushions look great, too.


home 4us said...

What a lovely quilt. I like the calm colours.

Sandy said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I love the color combinations. It's hard to go wrong with Lecien.