Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cushion Love......

This is the most recent finished article from my sewing room. It feels like an eternity since I did the embroidery on this cushion and then it sat and sat just waiting to become a cushion.

It is a Crabapple Hill Studio pattern and comes with a bedding and pillowcase as well. I have stitched the border for the pillowcase and now feel disappointed that I didn't do two and of course have none of the background fabric left.

It was lovely to put together. Two appliqued borders, the buttons and the feather stitch edging and of course the pom poms.

It's new home is in the rocking chair, beside my bedside table.
Over the years I have enjoyed making quite a few cushions. They mostly live in places where the children don't sit very often. Some have even been and gone as they were used outside (much to the disgust of some of my friends) . The latest casualty was made quite sad by the involvement of a rodent - a large one at that!!! YUK!
This pattern is a Bareroots design. I remember really enjoying this one.

From memory this one is Bareroots too. I love Barri's work. I have only done a couple of classes with my stitching and I was very fortunate to do a wonderful two day workshop with Barri when she came to Queensland I think almost three years ago - (note to self - better finish that quilt!!!)

This one is a Candlelight Creations pattern. This lady is "local" and has designed many lovely patterns. This one was stitched all with single thread - it took a long time. I love the border fabric on this one.

Off to finish some housework now and then to plant out some new bits and pieces in the garden. I am then so looking forward to a haircut this afternoon. It's way overdue! It's a lovely winter's day here, cool but bright sunshine. We've had a little rain and some heavy dew for a few mornings, so the plants are looking quite happy this morning.

I hope you enjoyed my cushions.


Lorraine said...

love your cushions! I have a large hand quilted silk fabric cushion that sits on my bed....away from daily sitting on by kids etc...came home from a weekend away a couple of years ago to find the pillow looking rather dishevelled....the reason....the boys (19 and 20 somethings) were playing "indoor" cricket and one of them needed some cushioning from carpet burn on his knees while he was "fielding"...hence a squashed and rather grubby cushion complete with a small blood stain....!!! After some careful attention it was back to it's former state.....well almost! gotta love em!

anne said...

what awesome cushions, you have been very busy. I love the quilt in the 2nd piccie would love to see the whole thing, it looks wondeful. Enjoy your haircut. Happy stitching

Sal said...

Yes, I really enjoyed looking at your cushions!I wouldn't know which one to choose they are all so fabulous! ;-)

Jules said...

Your cushions are just beautiful. I would love to have some nice cushions in my house but it is a small house full of boys......... see my


Mia said...

Your cushions are just beautiful, and the latest one is no exception! So much delicate, intricate work involved, but the end result is exquisite! No wonder you want to keep it out of the way of the children.

Maree said...

all your cushions are just lovely Leisa.
happy stitching.

ineke said...

Hi Leisa,
Your cushions are lovely, especially the one with the "lady gardener". I would not want my children or pets sit on these special cushions too.!
Anne is right - please show us the hidden quilt.
Have a nice day.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Those cushions are beautiful. I am just getting into embroidery and it is something that you can do as your watching television. I need a lot of practice so I have been doing some dish towels with a little embroidery design. I keep going back up to your photos, really nice work you have done. Hope you get many more hours to do more. : )

Leanne said...

What lovely cushion...I'm not sure if mine would stay that beautiful with Lucas around.

Catherine said...

I love your pillows. I've been wanting to make some for my daughters, but keep procrastinating. Thank you for inspiring me. I think I'll give it a try.

Mari Carmen said...

Really, really wonderful cushions, Eleanor. I have enjoyed so much your blog that I have made a link from yours to one of my blogs. This way I'll be able to read you and see all these beautiful things you make to make life happier.


Best wishes from Madrid, Spain.

Rosy said...

All your cushions are so pretty, love them all. You've done a superb job. Keep up the good work and keep showing us more.