Saturday, 22 November 2008

A busy time.....

I think it is almost two weeks since I have written here! The end of the year is disappearing. The children only have one week of school left and then two months of summer holidays. I am so looking forward to the break in routine.

We have been busy at the bakery getting some Christmas stock prepared for sale. I will do a display in the next few days and get into the swing of the Season!

I have just baked two Christmas cakes today. They smell just wonderful. I think we will be cutting one of them quite soon. I just love fruit cake. I wasn't sure about putting two cakes in the oven at once, but because it is quite wide they can fit on the same shelf it worked out just fine.

We have had the most wonderful rain here in the last two weeks. This week being huge falls. Thankfully we haven't had the wild storms that have wreaked havoc in parts of Queensland, just wonderful rain. The best part being our tanks are full.

The vege patch is looking beautiful and lush. The tomatoes have grown so much in the last week and are covered in lovely little fruit. I can't wait for that first ripe tomato. Nothing beats homegrown tomato.

You can see our strawberries are flowering too. We are getting just a few at a time - definately gone before I make it up the back steps!!

The squash has also taken off - they are really delicious. They grow so quickly, one day you think they are still too small and by the next they are huge. Love that!!

So this coming week brings the usual rush of school concerts, carols and speech days and to top it off Alexandra's performance in the end of year ballet.
Alexandra and I are off to another ballet performance tonight of one of her friends, so it should be a lovely girls night out!
The end of November already! Christmas will be here before I know it. So much for all the shopping done before the end of school!!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Your garden looks great!

Leanne said...

Your garden looks wonderful as always. We are still hoping for some good rain down here. No speech night for me this year it is hard to believe Lucas is nearly a second year apprentice.

Angela Louise said...

That rain sure has made for some beautiful vegetables Leisa. Keep sane during the coming week and have fun, Angela.

Sal said...

I am well impressed with your gardening skills,Leisa!!;-)

Janneke said...

Hi Leisa,
So special to read about your way of getting into the Christmas feeling, with sunshine and tomatoes etc in your garden. !!
Here all the plants are in wintersleep :) Though i also had loads of tomatoes last summer, i made a lovely chutney out of them.
Greetings, Janneke.

çiçekçi said...
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