Sunday, 30 November 2008

End of Year Happenings.......

The garden has continued to flourish this week. The rain we have had certainly worked its wonders on the vege patch. The squash have continued to fruit with plenty more flowers on the plant. The corn is just beautiful and so juicy, we will have to sample it tomorrow night. Look at our first tomato. It was delicious on hamburgers tonight!!

I took a little pic through the fence of this beautiful inner city home in the city where we live. This building was the original Court House in Toowoomba and was sold to private owners a few years ago. I have been amazed at the garden they have made and just so wish to see inside. I wasn't brave enough to take any more pics in case I got chased!! Around the other side is a lovely glass conservatory and from memory you can see at least one chandelier!

We have had a huge week with end of school and also the annual ballet production - this year The Little Mermaid. Look at my baby with full makeup!! This was taken at home, I hope she was able to get photographs backstage in her costumes. This year she was a ballet dancing Angel Fish and a Tap Dancing Lifeguard!

We have had a full week of Carols Evening, Primary school graduation, Speech Days for both schools plus rehearsals and production! Plus of course work never goes away! We are exhausted!!!

A cup of tea for me now and off to bed! The next round of rum balls and White Christmas await me at the shop in the morning!


evonne said...

Hi Leisa, Your garden harvest looks so fresh. I bet it tastes yummy too!! I hope all goes wll for your daughter and her ballet concert. There is not long now until the holidays so hang in there. Best Wishes, Evonne xx

Lorraine said...

Is it any wonder we all feel a little jaded this time of year!! So much the time Christmas Day arrives we are all way to exhausted to enjoy it because we have been celebrating it for so long...end of year this...end of year that.....just in our smallish work place there are three Christmas functions....! my son is a teacher and has been on school camp for a week...straight back to attend the year 12 formal and the next night the staff Christmas function...! So spend some time enjoying the garden....I know I will be! But don't you just love this time of year anyway???? I do!!

disa said...

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