Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Happy Mothers' Day

I have had a lovely Mothers' Day today. Busy but lovely. It started with the beautiful breakfast tray being brought to me in bed. French Toast and a pot of tea served in my lovely vintage tea set. The lovely tray cloth was one I found in amongst my Nana's linen. I think it would have been stitched by her. It has a lovely matching serviette. The embroidered teacup that you can see just popping out from under my cup is a little pocket - very cute.

Our afternoon was spent at the Toowoomba Eistedfodd. This weekend has been spent listening to beautiful primary school choirs. My daughter took part in 5 sections (I think) - it becomes a bit of a blur.

Tomorrow morning Alexandra is doing her very first solo performances. She will take part in two sections. Tomorrow evening Mitchell will be part of the High School sections.

It is just beautiful to watch the children take part in such a great competition. It doesn't matter if they win or not, just to sing on the stage of our beautiful Empire Theatre will be etched into their memories forever.

My sweet Mitchell cooked dinner for us tonight. We had lovely steak with Jacket Potatoes and corn and greens from our garden. He cooked the steak and the corn on the barbeque - it was delicious.
He had spent the afternoon at home making this yummy dessert too. It is a Strawberry, Chocolate, Cream and Hazelnut Meringue. It was just scrumptious!! Thank you my special boy.
Mitchell is a Jamie Oliver fan and found this in one of his cook books.
A happy Mothers' Day to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh Leisa - what a blessing Mitchell is!! And tea in a teacup always tastes better when it's brought to you in bed. It was such a beautiful day, we went on a picnic. All the best to Alexandra for her solo, love Barb

dutchcomfort said...

That sure sounds like a wonderful Mothers’ Day!!


Marilyn said...

Eisteddfod time was always a big event in my house. The children competed and we spent days in raptures watching them. all goes by too quickly. Thanks for the memories. Marilyn xoxo

The Old Dairy said...

This is the first year in ummm 14 I think that I have not had any-one in the Eisteddfod.
Mitchell looks like a great cook, glad you had a wonderful day.

Kitschen Pink said...

I"m off to check my J.O. cookbooks! I need to eat that very soon! Looks delicious! t.x