Friday, 1 May 2009

Goodness, where did the last two weeks disappear to. I am not sure, but here we are suddenly in May.

The weather has certainly turned much cooler in the evenings this week. My two youngest children have been at camp this week. Both of them were totally outdoors, cooking on fires types of camps. I won't be the least bit surprised if they are sick this week. Mitchell has come home with the most awful burn covering at least half the top of his foot. It looks really bad, so I will have to find a doctor to see him in the morning. He had shoes and socks on beside the fire and a pot of boiling water was spilt on his foot. He was so badly hurt and says he went into shock. I am a bit cranky that I wasn't called. Alexandra has hiked with a backpack since Tuesday and slept under a piece of canvas strung up somehow at night. She is one tired little poppet. They were both in bed around 7.30 tonight.

I finally got my lemon curd and lemon passionfruit curd made. It is really delicious. I must get some little tart shells to eat it with. It has turned out much better this time, I realise now I haven't cooked it long enough in my past attempts. Those naughty chooks didn't come to the party with any eggs though - and I still found another eaten one today.
Also, this week while the children were away I had a day in Brisbane - well, disappointing would be an understatement. I went down to the Stitches and Craft show. Nothing jumped out at me with that WOW factor that can sometimes hit you. Some of the stalls that have been previously quite lovely were just very ordinary this time. I found my way to some shops too, but that seemed a little boring as well. I was so looking forward to my day out and it was all just a bit of a let down.
So my highlight of the week then was a trip to the thrift/junk shops - better then Brisbane! I found some lovely old silverware that is the same pattern as my parents silver cutlery and a couple of lovely old pieces of embroidery. It is all soaking at the moment, so hopefully some pics later. My mannequin will be getting a new outfit too! She will be stunning in this little number!!
A long weekend here this weekend, so hopefully a lovely weekend at home mostly.
Off for a cuppa and a read in bed, which never happens due to BJ's awful sleeping routine with being a night worker.
A happy weekend to everyone!


Maree said...

Your Butter's looked Delish...funny you say that about the craft show...a friend went yesterday and said the same thing...she was emailing a complaint...
cheers for a long weekend

Sal said...

Enjoy the weekend,Leisa...glad you had success at the thrift shops!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your sons foot. I'm sure he will recover quickly, but they are so painful.Have a lovely weekend. Angela

Judith Tetley said...

mmmmm.....your view of the Craft Show is very interesting Leisa. I felt that most of the stall holders at the Newcastle & Craft Show looked absolutely exhausted was the first day! Stock on all the patchwork stalls was mainly quick grab jelly rolls, fat quarters, layer cakes etc. I remember when they used to have bolts of the most recently released fabrics stacked up to hilt for you to "touch and feel" plus purchase by the metre....guess its all too much hard work for them in a weak economic climate.
Have a nice day
Kind Regards

Marilyn said...

Hi...Ilove passionfruit or lemon butters...I wanted to tell you, that if you get a pkt of butternut biscuits..take 2 or 3.. and put in the microwave for a few seconds..then when they are a little bit soft.. press them into a patty pan tin..they make perfect pastry shells for little tarts..they go hard again and just the right shape..but they only need a few seconds and only do a few at a time.. they are lovely then topped with cream..or..boil up a tin of condensed milk for 2 hours.. be carefull opening it..I use a teatowell thrown over it.. and a teaspoon of that caramel put in the shells with cream on top is something you can take anywhere with pride ;) Marilyn xoxo

Helen said...

Hi Leisan't very enthused with the craft show either. I only went as a friend pulled out at the last minute with ill health.
Something I've been meaning to try to make tart shells is to bake the pastry over the base of the tin or on the bases of durolex glass tumblers a la Maggie Beer on The Cook and the Chef - saves having to bake blind.
Not sure if it'll stop chooks eating eggs or not, but hanging pieces of polystyrene in their run stops them from pecking each other and apparently it passes straight through them. I was told this by a worker at The Big Cow years ago and my neighbour uses it.
Hope your son recovers quickly from his burnt foot.

Helen said...

Not sure what happened at the beginning of my last comment-maybe too long? Should be-I wasn't too enthused.
I'm really looking forward to a day of Op Shopping in Toowoomba with my Daughter very soon.

Connie said...

I love lemon curd, but have never had lemon passionfruit curd; it looks wonderful. Your readers also had some good tart ideas! I wanted to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!

Clara said...

I do adore lemon curd and use to make lot of it each year. Never known passion fruit curd but I want to try orange curd this year...... Have a nice weekend, Clara.