Saturday, 18 April 2009

Down In The Garden........

Come down the back steps with me this morning........
I'd like to show you what's going on in the back garden at the moment.
Through the gate......

Scoot, Trixie and the Henny Pennies (minus one) are enjoying the company of a few new friends. At the moment they remain nameless. These feathered friends of mine are being very naughty at the moment and eating their eggs. Any suggestions? I hope they stop it soon - I so miss my lovely eggs from down in the garden.

The vegetable patch is looking beautiful at the moment. The rain and mist last weekend really made everything come to life.

We recently lifted all the rocks in the pathways and put weed mat down and then shovelled them all back into place. We were having terrible trouble with huge weeds coming up in the paths. The mat has worked beautifully.
My lime tree is doing really well too. I have one little lime on it. Hopefully next season will be better.

At the moment we have all sorts of bits and pieces growing.
Peas, Snow Peas, Tomatoes, Corn, Spring Onions, Strawberries, Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Rosemary. The lemon tree is loaded with about 30 beautiful big lemons. I think they will be almost ready to pick.
The passionfruit is still going beautifully - Passionfruit and Lemon Butter I think will be on the menu, maybe followed by Lemon Delicious pudding and then I think some pancakes sprinkled with sugar and drizzled in lemon juice and cream - so those girls in the backyard had better get busy 'cause I need eggs!

The original Lavendar hedge that was planted bordering the vege patch did not fair very well over summer at all. The runoff from the drive down the side of the house runs directly into the vege patch - I think they got very wet toes and didn't like it. We have replaced it with a Murraya Hedge, so far it is doing really well.
Unfortunately, I hear the Laundry calling my name!! I have a basket of ironing that I really wouldn't be able to jump over!! I am going to do one hour and then I have some new projects waiting for me in the "Studio".
The weather here today is a perfect Autumn day, so hopefully the weekend remains just as beautiful. The children are back to school next week - so back into routine for us.
A happy weekend to all who happen across this little blog today!


Deb said...

What a gorgeous, inviting back yard you have. The day looks perfect for relaxing but certainly not for ironing. Finally I have conned my daughter into doing our ironing, it took a lot but the offer of money was well worth it. We are lucky not having much so she only does it every second week, but boy it keeps my arms and shoulders pain less and leaves me able to sew!! Much more important.

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Leisa...what a lovely walk that was; makes me wish I was back on our farm...sigh.
The chookies are in need of some 'grit' Leisa. They always eat their eggs when they are not getting enough grit because; they need grit in their craw to digest their food.
The natural way to overcome the problem is to let them out of their pen every day, so they can pick what they need from the ground.
The other alternative is to buy some "Shell Grit" from your local produce store and put it in trays in their pen. They will eat what they need.
Many Blessings
From Judith

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thank you for inviting us in to your garden and what a beautiful garden you have. You have chickens too. What a treat! Hope you invite us back soon. Have a great weekend Leisa.

Lulu said...

what a lovely garden..I could sit in that chair with a cup of coffee and my crochet..Oh how that would be lovely..
have a great weekend..

Marilyn said...

Yes Lisa..your chookies need shell grit... will sort them out.
I just love your blog... I want your garden too..and I like how you set yourself a time for your ironing..then back to other projects..that always helps me to get the job done. I am a flylady (.com) after all. Marilyn

Bev C said...

Hello Leisa,

Your garden is just beautiful. We have the same problems with our henny pennies one of them lays a soft egg and they all eat it. I wouldn't get rid of them because they do provide us with lovely organic eggs. They do get shell grit but I think some chooks just tend to do this. I remember have lemon and sugar on pikelets as a child. Yum. Enjoy your day.

abeachcottage said...

hi leisa

sigh I enjoyed that little trip, I am so envious, I cannot seem to get a grip on gardening in Australia, seems to need so much water, wish I had chooks too... Mr BC won't let us, I spose he does have to put up with me and a white house

i just took a cutting of some rosemary, shoved it in some rooting powder and am hoping it will take - plant buying is not on my budget at the mo'

i would love to stop by for an aussie beer, not a cup of tea! in your garden


abeachcottage said...

i don't use any special tricks with the pain, I just tend to use what i call emulsion, i think that is called water based paint here on suitcases as it seems to stick pretty well, ,the oil based seems to chip...also Zinsser primer is great for just about 'basing' anything, it's expensive but more than worth the money


Leanne said...

As always it is wonderful to stroll in your garden with you, it is beautiful. Hope the girls start behaving soon.