Saturday, 4 April 2009

Passionfruit Dreaming.......

I love Passionfruit. When we built the chook house my obvious choice of climber was a Passionfruit vine. The vine has grown beautifully over the summer and with some tender loving care and the occasional bucket of water it burst into its lovely flowers. I had never smelt a flower up close until today - it is divine!

We are now picking the most beautiful passionfruit , they are not huge but they are all filled to the brim with their lovely golden pulp.

Last weekend I had a bowl full in the fridge and decided to make icecream with them. It has been delicious this week. Of course you only use the yolks in icecream, so a batch of pink meringue was made with the whites. I piped little rosettes of meringue and sprinkled them with pretty pink.

I have continued to pick my passionfruit this week and still had a lovely bowl full. I had been thinking about yummy kiss biscuits all week.

This afternoon I got busy and had a lovely time in the kitchen creating these beauties.

Melting Moments joined with Passionfruit Icing. Delicious. I also made the lovely Lemon Cake from the Gentle Art of Domesticity book. I'm afraid this didn't go so well. It sunk terribly in the middle. I still iced it though.

Afternoon tea was delicious. Lemon Cake and Passionfruit Kisses.

Now I will have to dream up the next thing to make with my delicious passionfruit. As you can see the vine is starting to flower again - the next crop on the way. Maybe I will have to share some!

I am continuing with my stitching of the Gardeners Journal quilt blocks. I would really love to have the stitcheries done this week so that I might be able to cut the rest of the quilt over Easter. I just have two small ones left to do, so maybe I will get started on it.
The children are finished school for their Easter break. It was quite a long term, so they are really ready for a rest. They have this week and then the week after Easter as well. I love the slower mornings of the school holidays.
Maybe that might mean some extra time for baking with my lovely Passionfruit!


Bobbie Lynn said...

I have never tried passionfruit before. I think I should pick up a few at the market the next time I see them. The flower is very beautiful too.

Deb said...

Yum Leisa, passionfruit is gorgeoues on or in anything isn't it. Lucky you, our climate makes it impossible to grow here where we are in Christchurch.

Sarah said...

Hi Leisa,
Wow you have been busy. All your cooking looks just so yummy...I can almost taste it!
I dont think I have ever seen a passionfruit flower, so thanks for sharing.
Hope you are having a great weekend.
~S~ xxx

onlinelesley said...

Hi Leisa,
Been a whie since I popped in and said hello! The weather up there is obviously treating your garden well. We've had about 15ml rain here all year so it's such a struggle to keep anything alive. 3 weeks till Inspired STitches with Leanne Beasley, Rosalie and Melly and Janelle Wind. Can't wait! Have been working full time- cutting back to 3 days/week next term so hoping to get up that way ASAP. Definitley popping over to see all this beautiful stuff in 'real life'! Take care - L-xx

The Old Dairy said...

The cooking looks great, my passionfruit hasn't even flowered yet, wondr what went wrong. Have you ever made Lemon butter with passionfruit in it...It is devine...Enjoy the school holidays.

Angela Louise said...

I'm with you when it comes to passionfruit Leisa......I just love them. I have quite a lot of green ones on at the moment and hope they ripen before the weather gets too cold. That's what happened last year...aaahhhh.
They are so refreshing and I love to just eat them straight out of their skins with a scope of a teaspoon. delicious!
I think you have a very cute Easter backgound at the minute...nice to have a change isn't it?
happy days with your children. Smiles, Angela.

abeachcottage said...

oh how funny Leisa, I love passionfruit, and I only discovered them a few months ago, I am the only one in the Beach Cottage who likes them and I buy nets of door there is a lovely old lady, so gorgeous and Aussie and she has a vine, I am trying to suck up to her for seems to me the ones in the shop are always too unripe, though I know nothing* about them

I love the fragrance, the taste and the look of them when you cut them open, of course, whoever named them was very apt

I took a photo of mine for my flickr ttp://

anyway sorry to gon on I have passionfruit love too!!


Judith Tetley said...

Oh Leisa....I was dreaming that I might get something as gorgeous as your "melting moments" for my morning tea to-day...but husband brought me a sao biscuit with cheese on it....what a let
Have you seen all the tea cosies on my blog yet?

Millie said...

Leisa you've won MOTH's heart with these - he loves mangoes & passionfruit more than me I think! How wonderful your vine is thriving, we've never had any luck with them down here.
Millie ^_^