Thursday, 16 April 2009

Flowers In The Window.....

The newest issue of Homespun has hit the shelves here in Australia. It is a beautiful issue. I feel as though this particular issue has been a long time coming. I have known about a special project that is featured for a very long time. Finally we have seen it in print!!

I have gotten to know Gina Valderrama through my dear friend Barb. Gina is the very talented lady who has created this beautiful cushion.

This is quite large and fits a European sized pillow. Gina is a very talented lady who has other lovely designs to her name. You can find her blog here or her website here.

How exciting for Gina that she also has her delightful cushion on the front cover of Homespun as well.

So today we celebrated with Gina. Our friend Barb invited a group of lovely ladies to her home. It was a lovely Autumn day today - just perfect.

We had the most delicious long lunch on Barbs' beautiful veranda. Barb and her family live on a lovely block of land on the edge of the mountain range. Today it was lush and beautiful. The veranda looks out over a lovely little dam at the bottom of the garden. Today it was full to the brim, I have seen this dam empty, so it was lovely to see it in such a different state today.
We shared lovely savoury food followed by cups of tea and some very scrumptious sweets.

This Coconut cake was particularly yummy. It looked wonderful under the beautiful domed cake plate.

It was a beautiful afternoon spent with friends, laughing and chatting and sharing our latest finds in beautiful books and to die for catalogues from far away places . We also had a really lovely "show and tell" time - so special to see the beautiful projects that everyone is working on or finished at the moment. Gina also blew us away with some more new designs she is working on at the moment. What a clever lady she is.

Thank you Barb for such a special day to be able to celebrate with Gina. I'm sure we will all remember our time with you today for a long time.
Love and congratulations to Gina once again - beautiful!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Oh goodie another amazing blog to view. Thank you for sharing and I just took a peek at Gina’s blog. Beautiful work and I will have to keep my eyes open at the bookstore for the latest issue of HomeSpun. Have a lovely day!

Sal said...

Oooh I'd love that magazine,Leisa!
Gina's designs are fabulous!