Friday, 17 July 2009

Missing Them.......

Last Thursday I took my dear Dad and Mum to the airport. They have have gone on a fantastic trip to Europe and won't be home until September!!!

Today they are travelling to Vienna!!! I am soooooooo jealous!!! They've already been to Germany and Austria.

Luckily for me Mum stocked my freezer up with her delicious soup before she went away - perfect for these very cold winter days we are having.

You can see on the left there I have had a big baking session this week too - jam drops, chocolate slice, Anzacs and chocolate cake.
Some more production in the sewing room - just waiting for the sun to appear to take some pics. Off to make some bunting now!!


Sal said...

I hope they have a fantastic time!
Enjoy that soup ;-)

nicolette said...

I’m sure you’re missing them. How wonderful they are making a trip through Europe! They will love Vienna! Will they be visiting more countries?

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wish them well on their trip. How wonderful for them. I see you have been a busy bee in your garden. Looks really pretty.

A-M said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful trip and to stock your freezer before she left, what a perfect Mum! A-M xx