Monday, 6 July 2009

Spring Preparation.......

Winter has well and truly arrived. We have had a cold and windy weekend. Quite productive in the garden though. I rugged up in my beanie and coat and ventured out into the garden. I wanted to get all my pots planted up with seedlings ready for a colourful Spring garden.

This large pot was filled with water and was home to some fish. I am not sure what happened but it suddenly lost all of its water. We filled it with soil and now has a Cumquat tree planted in it. I had a Cumquat a few years ago, but it didn't survive the shift of house. I hope I get a lovely crop of fruit so that I can make some marmalade. Maybe I will have to wait until next Spring.

We are tossing around the idea of entering the garden in the local cometition again this year. We have planted around thirty pots up with lots of different pretties. Pansies, violas, allysum, dwarf stocks, lots of primula, lobeila. I just love pots of flowers around my back garden and dotted in the garden beds. At the moment I just have them grouped together for the ease of watering. When they are established I will be able to create some lovely displays.

I just love this big builders tool box. I bought it a while ago with the plan for a beautiful Spring display. I drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage. Primula, allysum and lobeila in that one!

I've enjoyed some time baking this morning and also applying for some more positions. I know the right one will come along at the right time - just wondering how long though!!
I've had a great week making some things to hopefully sell. It's lovely using up all the beautiful fabrics and lace I have had for awhile - what a great excuse to have to purchase more eventually.
One more application to attend to and then off to sew.


Sal said...

You'll have a great display!
It's my new hobby at the find planters that are quite 'different'. I think it adds unique character to the garden!

Deb said...

Leisa your garden is going to look beautiful. I love, l,ove, love your spotted cup and saucer planter.

Leanne said...

Hi Leisa,
Doing some catch up here. Lots happening in your world. I am sure you will find a job that suits. Your garden looks wonderful as always. I love those little pin cushions I have all the patterns from the pincushion one a month and haven't made a single one. I think I have 9 to make. It is freezing here this morning so as always I am looking forward to summer.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Hi Leisa,
Just popping over to your site to let you know that you have a Lovely Blog Award waiting for you on my site
Hope you accept!
Love Amanda xo