Monday, 2 November 2009

Clean Up........

Where did October go?  November here already is almost too hard to believe!! 

If I had been told at the beginning of this year all that it would hold, I truly wouldn't have believed anyone.  My life has certainly taken such a change of direction.  My "new" job was certainly something I will forever put down to experience!!  Hence, I am no longer working in Optometry!  Long story, better left unsaid I think!!

The exciting news is that I have a new position, that I will begin on Wednesday this week, with a Solicitor in the role of Receptionist/Secretary.  This is the type of position I was really hoping for when I began searching for work after the sale of our business.  I am really looking forward to this position as it entails much more administration work, which I hope I will find so much more interesting than looking behind people's ears to see if their spectacles fit!!!! 

Can you guess what we did on the weekend?

Our front and back verandas' were an absolutely disgusting filthy mess.  After a long dry winter and three dust storms, my beautiful cream house was a dusty shade of red!!  It was so bad that no one was even attempting to spend any time outside regardless of the weather!!!

What a job!  Everything except the big table was taken either downstairs or inside.  We washed for a couple of hours and then the decks were both oiled.  It took almost all day.  Sunday I put it all back together.

This is the view I now see from the living/eating room.  Much better!

I am so glad I had the couch cover made to be removeable and washable, it came up beautifully.  I had such a fun time making my bolster cushion covers too!  I am really please with how they turned out.

Mum & I had a lovely day out today.  Since my Eleanor and Ruby stall, I was approached by the Gallery in Goombungee, which is a little town nearby, to sell my goods there.  What a lovely surprise!  I made the delivery today and the lady there took all my remaining stock.  She is so confident that it will sell!!  I hope so!  That would be a bonus on top of my successful stall.  I will hopefully continue to make some bits and pieces to sell in the future. 

After Goombungee we travelled through Meringandan and onto Highfields.  The new little shops are coming along and looks like they should be opening very soon - that will be a fun visit next time I hope.   Our last stop of the day was Bunnings for the lovely new little plants that you saw above.  All in all a lovely day out!


Rebecca Simon said...

Your home looks so inviting Leisa! Good on you for having a big clean-up - it's very satisfying isn't it.
hugs xx

Millie said...

Well Leisa, it sounds like your life has been a whirlwind, hope your new job is everything you want & more. I'm sure your beautiful pieces will sell in a flash.
Millie ^_^

123 123 said...
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