Monday, 16 July 2007

A lovely week...

We were fortunate to escape to the beach for 3 nights last week as a lovely end to the winter holidays. This was the view from our unit - it is truely beautiful. For any overseas friends, this is Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

There is a lovely boardwalk right across the front of the beach. The south-westerly blowing was a little nasty if walking in one direction, but lovely if going the other way. We had a lovely time and mostly walked, read and sat while Alexandra enjoyed the playgrounds. Of course a little stitching on a new project happened as well. We even saw dolphins just out the front.

The children are back at school today for Term 3. Hopefully the September holidays will be much more pleasant weather.

This is my latest project I am working on. It is in a little more "put together" state now and has come together quite nicely. I am now putting together two pillowcases to go with it. It is called Carnival Stars by Kookaburra Cottage. I am hoping it will go on an old daybed I am about to have restored and painted cream. It is another little find, this time from my dear Nana and Pop's home. Oh, so very special to have it. More about that later I'm sure!!

I picked this little boquet of winter lovelies from the garden over the weekend.

My foxgloves are looking very lush and growing madly. I'm not sure that they are flowering at the right time of year though. They were little seedlings when I planted them and they have done beautifully - maybe it's the lovely rainwater from my tanks that's doing it!!
When I was first gardening I used to plant seedlings and wait all winter for them to grow and flower. Now, they seem to go mad and flower within a few weeks. Is it my imagination or are they producing "super plants" now?

All in all a lovely end to the school holidays. Back to the routine and running around but so grateful for a lovely break from it all.


Cherry Menlove said...

I adore your foxgloves. I am going to try for some for next summer. They are such a wonderfully historic flower.

Cherry Menlove xx

Cathy Louise said...

Oh the ocean, my favourite place to go and spend time... There is something about watching the ocean that makes all your cares go away....I spent most of the first 18 years of my life 15 minutes from the coast so I actually do miss it now....