Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Cupcakes and Vintage Treasure

Yesterday I had to do a quick delivery and on my way home I just had to stop at one of the local charity shops. So glad I did. Wooden cotton reels, lace, buckles, a card of press studs and about one metre of beautiful cotton lace edging. I can see it hanging below the dress of a doll or edging a pillow case maybe. I would so love to be doing so much more sewing at the moment.

I had a very productive afternoon in the kitchen much to the surprise of my family!! These yummy "cupcakes" and two trays of slice. Alexandra helped with the icing last night. I know the decorating isn't quite Crabapple Bakery but yummy just the same.
I am so wanting at the moment to just be home and being a homemaker. Everyone is so much happier when home is organised and I am more peaceful.

Cupcakes and vintage treasure, a lovely day indeed.


de vliegende koe said...

I totally understand your feeling. You want to do it all. I have my working space at home, so when the cleaning is not done, I don’t work at my ease, when I do the cleaning I would rather be crafting, when I craft I feel quilty not working or cleaning.... The balance is the big issue I think and not feeling quilty when you want time for yourself.

Leanne said...

I know what you are saying. I had last week off and my 17 year old son said how nice it was to have great meals at a decent time. However if I didn't work I think of all the money I would spent on sewing, we could go broke in a month.

She'sSewPretty said...

I just found your blog. I've been going through your posts. Your quilts and collections are beautiful!

Angela Louise said...

Look on the bright side Leisa, at least if your out and about you get the chance to check the charity shops more!
I must say the reason I don't work is because my John (and the rest of the family) also feel that it is a much happier house because of it. I love to be able to give the kids freshly made afternoon tea as they walk through the door- a real treat. Yesterday afternoon it was apple fritters...all warm and coated in cinnamon sugar...YUM!

the flour loft said...

Hi there,
Those cakes look beautiful. I also love a good bit of baking and homemaking and those quiet times to spoil and nurture my family. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments. i don't think we have been in a magazine recently so maybe was some other crafty girls.. there's a lot of us about!

Felicia said...

Beautiful cupcakes!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Your cupcakes look so yummy & I so need to be on a diet! I hopped over from Posy. Your blog is lovely. Blessings... Polly

Cherry Menlove said...

I want to visit your thrift stores!!!!!!!!!!
Great finds.

Cherry xxx