Saturday, 24 November 2007


Thankful tonight for my boy being home again safe and sound having had a wonderful trip away.

Thankful for the beautiful rain that fell during the last day and also for my parents farm also receiving rain.

Thankful for a great day with my family enjoying the shops in Brisbane!

Thankful for the end of another school year - busy as it has been and still is. Thankful that the children have made it through again!!

Thankful that a business deal is going ahead and that our life will hopefully take a slower pace next year.

Thankful to God for the many Blessings he bestows on us daily.

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Cathy Louise said...

Lovely thoughts Leisa... I can't wait for school to be finished but we still have a couple more weeks... Can't wait to have the kids home and we will do some lovely Christmas baking together and sit in bed in our PJ's just chatting in the morning instead of rushing around... Only just over a week till I have a bit of a break from work too which is also something I am truly looking forward to... Take care Cathy