Saturday, 25 October 2008

From the Vege Patch......

Some of the first summer harvest was picked this morning.
- Beetroot
- Beans
- Lettuce
- Squash
- Parsley

A typical busy weekend happening here - work, ballet lesson, school function. Joy oh Joy!
So had better get going and ready for the next thing!


Sal said...

Wow you've been busy! I hope you have a fun weekend!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to pick fresh vegies from the garden, a real joy.Have a great weekend. Angela

Bobbie Lynn said...

How beautiful your vegies are. Happy gardening! : )

Angela Louise said...

Finally I can comment...been trying since yesterday early with no luck!
SO nice to have a basket full of your own beautifully grown vegetables Leisa. You should be very proud of yourself considering the conditions haven't been completely ideal.
Happy week, Angela.

MelMel said...

Hello found you thru Posy....lovely blog...wonderful clever you are!
I'll be popping back later!:>))x

Lucy@Attic24 said...

oh what a delight to see that luscious looking veg, I could just reach in and grab a handful, it looks so vibrant!
And LOVE that little white wire basket too, so cute.
Leisa...thank oyu so very much for visiting the Attic, your comments are always so cheery and make my day.xxxx