Monday, 6 October 2008

Too Long.....

Oh my, the weeks are just slipping by.
Our monthly internet allowance has been used up until this weekend, so I will not even attempt to post any pictures here tonight.
The children are back at school this week after their Spring holidays. It is just so scary to say, school finishes for the year next month!!
I am very excited about my weekend trip this week. It will be lovely to be with my friends in Melbourne for the weekend. I wonder what Rosie and Leanne have planned for us at the "Stitch-In".
I just wanted to pop into the land of Blog just for a minute tonight to announce
of the Victoria Magazine!
It is Angela (anonymous comment) on the 25th September.
Congratulations Angela - could you please send me a quick email with your
postal address and I will get it away to you.
Angela told me she loves Roses and Lilac - beautiful!
I am looking forward to sharing some bits and pieces with my blog friends next week - when I have fast internet again. The joy of teenagers in the house!!
A Happy Week to Everyone!

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