Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Morning Friands........

There is something about getting out of bed very early on a Sunday morning.........first of all it makes me very tired.  But secondly, I can achieve so much! 

Mitchell had to go to work by 6 a.m. this morning and with BJ already at work, that leaves me as the taxi driver.  Only for a little while longer though.  Mitchell has finally achieved that magical 100 hours on his Learners Permit and now can book a driving test.  Here's hoping he can get through first go.  It will make our life so much easier, but filled with more worry!

So by 8 a.m. yummy lemon friands were in the oven and by 9 a.m., pancakes had also been made.

By 10.30 I had enjoyed said Friands on the front verandah with a lovely coffee! 
The washing and ironing are done so I am off to stitch for awhile!!


Lissa Jane said...

I get up early each morning but faff about! I am an EXPERT FAFFER!

DS here has 50 hours, but has to do 120 hrs on his NSW permit... *sigh*

Karen said...

So I'll be at your place next Sunday 8 am sharp for breakfast. They look seriously yummy.

Anonymous said...

Yes Leisa I know all about the driving licences..Ben is now free and although it has taken the pressure off us to get him too and fro at all hours the worry well and truely takes over!! Once a parent always a parent!

Rebecca Simon said...

Oooh these look SO yummy! Wish I could have popped in for a cuppa with you on my way home from Brisbane today :-)
Good on you for putting in the hard yards as a mummy and being the taxi driver. Not long to go!

The Old Dairy said...

O yes the magic number 100...congrates to you for making