Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A lovely couple of days.......

I hope everyone enjoyed a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas as we did here at our home.
Our day started with yummy freshly baked croissants for breakfast, followed by opening of our family gifts.
Morning tea followed with delicious fruit cake, almond butter balls and almond and white chocolate shortbread.

Lunch with one side of the family and dinner with my Dad and Mum completed a lovely Christmas Day.
Today is another public holiday here in Australia - Boxing Day. We've been relaxing at home today and it was thoroughly enjoyable!
It's been a rainy and quite cool day today, perfect for stitching the binding on my quilt. I've been hoping to get to it now for quite a few weeks, but with all that's been going on I haven't had a hope or when I did have a few minutes it was too hot to be manouvering a quilt to try and stay out from under it. But today it was lovely!
My feet were even cool enough to try out my new little sockets!!

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Leanne said...

Hi Leisa,
Sounds like a lovely day our Xmas was as it usually is a trip to the country and back again.