Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year

Well, 2008 is here! Hard to believe really. It's always interesting to think about the year ahead and what it has in store. This time last year I wouldn't have believed all that would happen if someway I would have known ahead. So, here's to a year full of many changes and happenings.
New Year was a quiet affair for us. No parties, no going out, just the usual - closing up shops, kids at work. It was lovely to be at home though and knowing we didn't have to be anywhere the next day.

I have really enjoyed being in my sewing room and getting some projects finished. We are off to the beach this weekend and so after a couple of years of thinking I should make a beach bag - I finally did.

I used basically the measurements from Leanne's book Living the Dream. I also made a little bag for inside to hold glasses, sunblock etc.

All set - I just wonder if there is any beach left at the Sunshine Coast after all this wild weather they've been having?

Next I finished the two pillowcases that go with my Carnival Star quilt. All that gathering! But so lovely in the end. Another project down - now I can start another quilt. I have my lovely Barefoot Roses fabric stashed away just ready to go!!

Then last night while BJ my baker husband had gone to bed before the sun went down and while I waited to pick up No. 1 son from work and an after work visit to a mates place - I finally made my kitchen curtains. I am quite pleased how they turned out, I think the kitchen looks quite cosy now.

I had better get on with the day now, washing etc. and do some more towards getting on this holiday.

Thank you for visiting my blog in 2007, I am looking forward to 2008 and hopefully much more stitching, blogging and coffee with friends this year.


de vliegende koe said...

Happy New Year Leisa to you and yours! Your blog looks so fresh and so does your home! You made a good start of 2008! It’s wonderful we have met in the land of bloggers!

Outi from White Country said...

Everything is looking lovely! All the best for the new year, Leisa!

Regina said...

Happy New Year!
You have a wonderful blog.
I will come back.

Leanne said...

All things done beautifully you have such flair. Interesting your husband is a baker I would be the size of a house if my husband was a baker. I hope you have a nice break at the beach if the weather permits.
X Leanne