Sunday, 27 January 2008

And sew I did......

Well, I just about feel "normal" again - I guess until Tuesday at least when we are back into the school routine.

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday - I was in the sewing room for awhile, then in the garden and then last night back in the sewing room.

It doesn't take much - but just that time to do those things that I so enjoy makes all the difference to my state of mind. Although - my legs are so sore today from the digging!! The pain is worth it though to see all the edges of the garden beds nicely dug!

I have had the pattern to make a peg bag for quite awhile and just really wanted to make one - so I made three!! It is a Mum's Moment pattern and I always find there instructions just a little hard to follow - maybe it's just me. This one was no different. It came together nicely, but the finish on the inside shows all the seams - I would prefer it turned through, but couldn't work it out at all!!

I will give the linen one to Mum as part of her birthday gift, the pink and green one is for my laundry and I'll save the blue and pink and someone will receive it through the year sometime.

I am still trying to get my boy ready to go back to school - so will leave it there today and get back to organising his books!

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de vliegende koe said...

You can make some delicious food from the fruits of Mother Earth!! Those peg bags look great. Not every designer is capable of translating their ideas into patterns with easy to follow instructions, that’s a pity!