Thursday, 3 January 2008

Moo... & A Little Project

I know I am a little behind the times here at Eleanor and Ruby, but I have just received my Moo cards in the mailbox today. It seems like ages since they were being talked about around the place in all those beautiful blogs!
They are really just very cute. I have my address and blog details on the back and I have a plan ticking away with what I will do with them!

But first this business deal has to be sealed and then I hope a little more freedom will be mine. I just need to be able to express myself in more of a creative way than what has been possible during the last eight years, so hoping that 2008 will be so different for me.

I have been meaning to share this "Stitching Pail" with you now for what seems ages. I just keep forgetting to take the pics.

It is a Crabapple Hill pattern and was fun to make. I think I bought the metal bucket at a hardware store and it was a perfect measurement for the pattern. It's always a worry whether you can find the right sized containers for these type of liner patterns without making too many alterations.

It has two layers of pockets inside and I have made these to fit my sewing items like the ruler, rotary cutter, tin of pins, pencils, measuring tape, pattern etc. and of course a nice big area in the centre for the project to be carried in.

Sadly, with my lack of social interaction during the last year particularly, my little sewing pail has only been out once. I hope this all changes dramatically soon!

Well off to the sewing room - yea! I am about to start getting some stitching together to take with me to the beach - along of course with the dreaded business details too!! But hopefully the stitching and reading time will prevail!!


Leanne said...

Wow that is fantastic as always your work is so neat. I love it. I like your moo cards I have though several time about getting some but never got around to it.

Bloom said...

Hi Leisa. Happy New Year to you! Lovely to see your Crabapple Hill pail - I have seen this pattern & couldn't quite see how it worked. Yours is just beautiful. And love the moo cards. We are having to move after 15 years in the one place, & I am very tempted to use moo cards as a really nice way of telling people of our changed address. Thank you for the inspiration!

Regina said...

What a wonderful work.It is a great