Monday, 28 January 2008

Fresh from the Garden.....

The vege patch has been quite productive over the last few months.
We didn't even plant very much as we knew that we were going to be away during the hot weather of January.
This is the last of the crops we have had in, so now we are home we will get back into our little patch and hopefully grow some more delicious food.
We have picked beautiful beans, peas, snow peas, corn, capsicum, chilli, parsley, orgegano and thyme. Our Henny Pennies are still laying beautifully too.
I am so pleased that the two youngest of our family are enjoying the vege patch - even though we had some beans that were about to produce again suddenly disappear!! I guess it's all part of learning about gardening!


Regina said...

Wonderful tomatos,mais and paprika
You must very happy be that all
vegetables from your garden comes.
I wish I had vegetable in my garden,
but my garden it's to small.
I wish a wonderful week,

Leanne said...

Hi Leisa,
Glad to see life is returning to normal. Great veggies and good to see the girls at the bottom of the garden are doing their thing.

Outi from White Country said...

What great pleasure it must bring to grow your own food! It looks delicious.

And the peg bags in your previous post, absolutely beautiful! All the best, Leisa!

Katherines Dream said...

What lovely vegtables you have grown. I have an allotment but it is still in the digging out stage sadly - can;t wait to plant out!
Carol x

JuliaRose said...

Hi Leisa,
Wow, I just love the pics of your veges, so FRESH!!!....I could smell the tomatoes from here...
Too bad for me I cant garden....
Love your site...especially the pic of a corner of your kitchen...looks just like me...have been looking for a breadbin just like yours..

julia rose

Anonymous said...

Your produce looks sooo good, a welcome reminder if things to come for us over in England

Valerie said...

It is cold here, but that didn't stop me. I planted tomato seeds inside the house today. I love seeing your veges. Thanks for sharing!