Monday, 21 January 2008

Still Here......

What a time the first three weeks of January have been. The emotions of losing my dear Grandma was enough but throw in the last three weeks of a very long drawn out business contract and it was almost too much.

We headed away to the beach the morning of Grandma's death and came home just for the day to say goodbye.

It was lovely to be away and quite nice to be on the beach most days, but I wouldn't recommend the constant mobile phone interuption that I endured!!

I did stitch a little and caught up on some lovely magazine reading, so that was quite nice.
But, today was the day and I can say now, that an era in our life has certainly ended. Even though we still have out smaller shop to run, I am sure that life will settle hopefully, into a routine that is a much easier one for our family.

This year sees lots of changes with the two youngest in different schools and our big boy accepted into university. Good changes I'm sure - just a little getting used to. Now I just hope he gets his drivers licence on Wednesday - or is that thought just too scary to throw in at this stage.

Well I am definately still here, and hopefully when I get my office sorted out and the children organised for school to start next week, then I will have some time to myself!!

Looking forward to sewing and reading and baking and blogging too! I hope there is someone still out there who might pop in for a quick read.

Hoping I have something more exciting to show and tell next time.


de vliegende koe said...

Hi Leisa, I’m still here!! Take your time, I will be waiting for your wonderful posts to come. Daily life will be interrupted once an awhile.
We all have to deal with it. Take care!!

Leanne said...

Hi Leisa, So glad your back I'm glad the sale went through. Good lock with the drivers license Lucas has been driving on his own for quite a while now so I don't worry quite as much as I used to.
Take Care