Friday, 20 February 2009


I have had a lovely clean up on our back deck this week. To be honest the windows from the kitchen and the french doors out onto the deck were so disgusting we could hardly see out of them.

I have had a lovely time pottering with some plants to smarten it all up. This old bird cage was another find a couple of weeks ago. BJ was quite disgusted about the "operation" I had to perform to get the plant in - all for a good cause I say!!

This little arrangement is on the bench outside the kitchen window. I've been really enjoying the view this week.

This little set of tables was a very lovely Christmas gift. It has taken me all these weeks to get some pots and plants organised for them.

I love this table which is also on the deck. I started a little pot of box and hopefully will be able to clip it into a small hedge. Another lovely birdcage and a very old blue enamel jug sit with it. The jug is precious to me as it was always at my dear Nana's house, it is old and rusty with holes in the bottom - beautiful to me.

We had a lovely shower of rain last night. Last weekend I planted some veges out, this too has taken far too long to get organised since the holidays in January.
The lettuce and corn looked beautiful this morning after their heavenly drink last night.

I've also planted beans, tomato, snap peas, basil, parsley and peas. Even though the peas are a dwarf variety I have planted them beside this trellis to give them just a little more support.

I have been fascinated by herbs since I was about 13 I guess. I really enjoy having this old set of laundry tubs to grow some lovely herby bits and pieces in.

I have had quite a productive week, which feels quite pleasing. I also baked some cakes and slice and also had some stitching time as well. I quite like this new arrangement!!
There is a great antiques and collectables fair on this weekend in Toowoomba, so I will be there bright and early tomorrow I hope. I love a good look around at those types of fairs!!
A happy weekend to all!


Lorraine said...

Sounds (and looks) like you are enjoying having more time around the your vege garden....everything looks better for a shower of rain doesn't it! Have a great weekend...!

Sal said...

It all looks good,Leisa! I look forward to seeing what goodies you find at the collectables fair!! ;-)

Miss sew n sew said...

I'd never of thought of using bird cages they look really effective your garden is lovely I'm very jealous of all that sunshine it's very dull in the uk at the moment!
Your veges and herbs are great!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Your Garden looks healthy and beautiful.

Angela Louise said...

Hi is nice to potter isn't it? Everything is looking SO lovely and your plants look SO happy.I'm glad you are enjoying your days that you have to yourself. Something to really look forward to and to treasure. Happy days, Angela.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Charming arrangements! Nature always warms my heart. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, my temporary sewing bench is covered in pink chenille!