Saturday, 28 February 2009

Vintagey Goodness.......

What a fun week I have had with some great finds. I "won" again at my favourite tender centre!! Much to the disgust of people whom shall remain nameless!! I thought these baskets were just great when I saw them.

I was the only bidder and thankfully my offer was accepted. What about those plastic flowers on the taller basket - fantastic!!! They won't be staying there though. I'm going to have a go at making a liner for this basket and maybe the other one too.

Mandy over at The Old Dairy is a lady who lives locally and has a lovely blog. Mandy was very kind to give me her inside information where one of her favourite thrifting spots is. I am so glad she was generous in sharing.

I visited this little second hand shop this week and found an absolute Aladdin's Cave of treasure.

I love glass cake pedestals and was lucky enough to find this cute little one.

My other find of the day was this lovely set of cream mixing bowls. I love sets of mixing bowls. These are in very good condition with just a little crazing.

I finally got to some of the bits I have had in the shed waiting to have a makeover. I have three of these old stools. Excuse this awful photo - but you know how it is - I just had to get on with the job.
I just gave the bases a bit of a scrub up and then used my great new toy - the stapler - to put some lovely spotty, dotty goodness on the tops. I think they came out great.
There is only one other person in the house that shares my enthusiasm for them though. So not sure what to do with them. I may have to find an outlet for some of my creative experiments.
This little stool was also a tender centre find. I found it quite amusing that it has a little tag on the bottom boasting that it was made with European labour only!! Just imagine! What a different world we live in now.

A good scrub of the base and a new upholstery job and it is looking quite lovely - once again it was not met with any great enthusiasm around here! What is it that people just don't get. Lucky I have my blogging buddies to admire my work!!!


Lorraine said...

You have done well - again! Those stools are dots them....they would just look good in the corner as a group!! the baskets and the little stool with the pretty cover.....can't understand that you are the only one excited by your finds!!!

Sal said...

Love your dotty stools!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend ,Leisa ;-)

Forever Vintage said...

Ya no one gets too excited about my makeovers either!! My Hubby does sometimes. The little stool is sweet with the floral cover. I have a couple of vanity chairs I have to recover.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wow, great finds. I love the baskets and stools.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Great finds and make overs. I especially love the now shabby chic stool made only with European labour! Thanks for stopping by to see my furniture remix!

Sarah said...

Those stools look great, you are really clever!
Sarah xxx