Monday, 20 August 2007

Blessings from above........

Please excuse this funny little photo of my two youngest, but you see it rained and in their short lives they havn't really seen too much rain, especially Alexandra. She just recently asked me quite seriously - What is a flood?
They had a wonderful time out in the wet racing little boats down the gutters. Alexandra had made her little pirate ship from foam and Mitchell had a plastic one. They had a great time and hot baths and hot chocolate finished up their wet afternoon fun.
I think this is the most rain we have had at one time for the most of this year. Beautiful water to help to fill the tanks.
Blessing from above - and I am just so thankful.


de vliegende koe said...

We have had too many blessings from above lately, but I’m happy for you it finally rained!

tash said...

If you want to see rain bring them to England - any time will do! The weather has been amazing this year, hasn't it?

Summer has been awful here though - we've had whole counties, hundreds of thousands of people made homeless from the flooding. It's very scary indeed!

Rosie said...

yes, yummy project for toowoomba also! Please say hello when we meet there!

Angela Louise said...

BEAUTIFUL rain alright.I have been out mulching to help keep it in when the sun returns.There is an award waiting for you on my blog- hope you don't mind but I really enjoy your blog.

Sharon said...

I am from Toowoomba, but the other side at Highfields! I am also looking forward to the Stitcher's Dream Day in September. Which day/s are you going? (I am assuming that is where you will see Rosie?) I am also LOVING this rain, but hoping it will be a gorgeous fine day to show off the lovely location..

Cathy Louise said...

It has been beautiful rain and I had a chance today in the wild wind to do some weeding for a couple of hours and I was so happy to see some lovely little green shoots on plants that had been heavily frosted... Thanks for sharing this lovely photo of your kids... On Sunday the kids and I went out and washed the car (with the heavenly offerings) we had so much fun but was a little chilly and drenched by the end.... It was well worth it and the car looked a little cleaner..... Take care

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I love hear it doesn't rain..seems so
I live in the middle of the USA
and we enjoy the rain, even though
it does rain regularly here, although our summer
has been dry.
Love the pics, the kids look so happy!!