Friday, 17 August 2007

Enjoying August

August is such a busy month for us with three birthdays to celebrate. Two down, one to go. I can't believe how the last week and a half has disappeared.

Signs of Spring are starting to appear. My Sweet Peas are starting to flower and hopefully will be a lovely display. My new Lilac has come to life and my standard roses that I pruned with great trepidation have also come back to life. The days are a little longer and the taste of Spring is definatley in the air. We had a little rain this morning so hopefully the forcast is correct for more over the weekend. This land of ours needs flooding rains.

Our son Mitchell has celebrated his birthday and is now fourteen. He is a sweety and I hope he stays that way forever!!!

Looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather, to more gardening and more school holidays. But, in the meantime enjoying August and the family times it brings and the promise of a new season.


Angela Louise said...

Yippee! Spring certainly is on the way Leisa and your garden is looking lovely. I can smell that sweetpea from of my most favourite smells in the world. So sweet but so dainty-BEAUTIFUL! A very happy birthday to your Mitchell.Now you,Cathy and myself all have a fourteen year old. Wonder what the coming year will hold for them? All good I expect with the right guidance that is.
Happy gardening,

de vliegende koe said...

I love Springtime, we didn’t have more of a Summer in Spingtime and now we are having more of a Harvest in Summertime, so I think it will snow next season! Your Superman looks like a sweet Superson. Happy birthday, 14, such a great age!

Leanne said...

I love spring because it means summer is just around the corner. My sweetie has turned into a hairy 18 year old who doesn't wash his hair as much as I would like.

Cathy Louise said...

What a handsome young man you have... and wow your garden and all its pretty flowers... Mine is just growing loads of nice weeds but wasn't that rain beautiful last night..... Take care Cathy

Curlew Country said...

Hi Leisha, thanks for droppping by my blog. Glad Spring is on the way for you - its odd to see daffs in August for me though, its March over here. I can never get my head around that! Hope the weather warms up for you soon.