Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Nice Matters.....

Thank you Angela at Chelsea Blue Whispers for awarding me a Nice Matters Award.
Isn't it lovely that we can award each other these lovely thoughts and feelings. I really think in a world that a lot of the time is so different and so against the thoughts and values that we hold dear to our hearts and try to live by and raise our families by, that in this world of computers and blogging we can find people who are like minded and trying earnestly to live their lives so differently to how much of the world is. Thank you Angela.
I am, I think supposed to pass this onto someone now. I know a lot of people have had it and I am not completely sure who has. So, I would just like to pass it on to two people. Firstly Jennifer at Buttercup and Roses . Jennifer is a young woman who has her own business - a very lovely little shop in an English village. She should be very proud of herself for at such a young age having a go in her own and business and doing it so well.
Outi at White Country is the other person I would like to pass this award onto. Outi is a lovely lady. She is a busy Mummy with a lovely home and garden. I especially love her playhouse in the garden!! Outi has a lovely blog always with lovlies from her home and garden.

I have had a lovely day today. Still raining on and off and all the house and office uptodate, I was in my sewing room all afternoon!!! For those waiting patiently - I made my PIF gifts. Now, I hope you didn't fall off your chair. I don't think I did too badly - it certainly wasn't 365 days!!
I won't show any pics yet, I will get them away in the mail to the USA and the Netherlands and then show you what I made. I hope the recipients enjoy them.
Any way off now, I might even get something else stitched!!!


tash said...

It's raining here so I, like you, will be heading off to the crafty-corner and making some brooches - I love watching the rain pour down the windows! Have a fantastic week :)

cd&m said...

Congrats on your award.

buttercup&roses said...

**congratulations for winning your award!**
Thankyou so much for nominating me, its very sweet of you!!

I have been so overwelmed with all the lovely comments on my last post. You, and all my blogging friends have given me a much needed confidence boost.
Thanks sweetie

Jennifer x

Outi said...

Thanks for nominating me! You're such a sweet personn.